Make a beautiful first impression


Hands looking fabulous

The hands really are the ultimate give-away of age, and how we take care of ourselves. It’s all about grooming, and looking fabulous really couldn’t be easier. With advances in nail techniques and care, there are choices to suit every customer and budget.

Nail Extensions

Long and lovely

Tired of your nails not looking the part? Perhaps you’re a (not-so-secret) nail nibbler? Or maybe they break off at the first signs of stress? Or maybe you just can’t grow them no matter how hard you try. We say don’t stress – just come to us and let us show you how they can be beautiful again. We use NSI acrylics as we find these very long lasting. Why not try a classic white tip finish or all over colour? Plus – we have lots of bling to add to your nails at no extra cost if you fancy really standing out!


Manicure & Polish

Instant Upgrade

A manicure consists of filing and shaping the nails, then a hand massage, and the professional application of a nail polish. It’s incredible what a change a manicure can make. Say goodbye to grubby nails, ragged nail edges, uneven shapes and discoloured nails. And hello to classy, sassy good looking hands again!


Gel Polish

High Shine, No Chips!

Join the gel polish revolution! We use Shellac, IBD Just Gel and Gelux and have over 80 different colours including glitters, nudes, neon brights and devil red. With every colour possible, we can create your perfect look and mood. And the fact the polish lasts for 2 weeks with a high shine and no chips, has to be the icing on the cake.